“I connected with Denise just over four years ago at my first sound bath concert. After the first session, I was hooked. I left with my all of my chakras being opened and felt a deeper connection to my higher self. The experience also helped me to awaken to my true self and I answered the calling to be a healer. Since then, I have named Denise as my Earth Angel as she continues to heal me through her sound baths, EFT, and Reiki. Denise also made me a Reiki Master. Ever since Denise entered my life, she has been there to help me through thick and thin. Her warm and loving presence, energy and aura is just amazing. I always leave energized anytime I am in her presence. If you’re looking for a true healer, someone with years of experience that is comfortable working with people of all types of backgrounds, please reach out to Denise. I assure you that you’ll not only leave as a satisfied client, but you’ll leave wanting to work with her for future healings as well.” Shawn Scharnikow

When I lived in Tucson, I attended the amazing “Tucson Gem Show.” I walked into a room filled with Crystal Bowls. As the bowls were being played, I could feel them within my body as they opened and cleared my chakras. I was hooked. I bought my first set of chakra crystal singing bowls. I started to use the bowls during my Healing sessions, which produced a profound experience. After moving to Atlanta, I started to perform a Sound Bath for my clients. This led to partnering with various local Sound Therapists. I started to perform locally at salt rooms, yoga studios, and art galleries. I could see a shift in the attendee’s energy as they left happy and peaceful. I had to start preselling the events since they began to sell out each month. I also started to get calls from corporate companies as well as individuals for private sound baths in their homes. Since I am a Healer, my Healing energy comes out of my hands as I play, creating an atmosphere for transformation.

Denise is a true spiritual guru! Straight-forward and direct with her messaging and intuition. She was helpful from the moment I stepped foot in the office all the way through the follow up she provided a few days later. I’ve also had the opportunity to experience her sound bath and it was truly amazing. She can be an asset on your spiritual journey, give her a try.” Leonard M. Snellville, GA

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Private Sound Bath for 1 or 2 in my office in Buckhead $108.

For a Private Sound Bath in your location, pricing depends on how far I have to drive. So please call me for a quote.

The Healing tones produced by “Crystal Singing Bowls” are not just heard by ear but can also be felt in your physical body, touching the essence of your soul. Each of the Healing Bowls resonates to a different Chakra, musical notes, color as well as various organs in the body. Sound Healing affects us on all levels, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Frequency + Intent = Healing

Sound Healing has been around forever and has been used by
Tibetan Monks for centuries, in both religious and spiritual
ceremonies. As a therapeutic modality vibrational sound can
bring you out of the beta monkey mind and into meditative states of
consciousness such as alpha, delta, and theta. Crystals are
fossilized water. Silica sand combined with water becomes quartz
crystal. Quartz crystal can amplify, transmit, store or focus energy
as seen in your TV, computer, radios, and microphones. Our
bodies too are crystalline in structure, when working with the
Crystal Bowls the effects can be profound. Thoughts are energy
forms. When combined with crystal, those thoughts are changed
to a higher harmonic form showing possible alterations in
consciousness. By treating yourself to a sound journey every cell
and fiber of your being is washed by universal tones that
comfort and soothe, release, and renew. A variety of meditation instruments are used during the sound bath.

Sound = Frequency/ Vibration

Many people experience profound relaxation, clarity, pain relief,
seeing colors, meditative states of consciousness or out-of-body experiences that last for weeks. It has the ability to help
generate all sorts of beneficial physiological effects including
increased levels of melatonin, reduced levels of stress, and release endorphins.

I also teach and train students that have gone on to be Sound
Therapists as they perform their own Sound Baths.

I have performed for the following:

  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Anthem Insurance Company
  • Serenity Salt Cave Snellville
  • Intown Salt Room East Atlanta
  • Embark Behavioral Health Alpharetta
  • Zen Relaxing Wellness Center Madison
  • Private Residences
  • Avo Chiropractic & Yoga Atlanta
  • Michael Family Chiropractic Smyrna
  • Corporate Events
  • Heal Thyself Spa East Atlanta
  • Healium Art Center Atlanta
  • Women on the Remake Retreat Atlanta
  • Many Yoga Studios
  • Zen Relaxing Wellness Center Madison

You can bring your yoga mat, meditation cushion, and water. Please note
that the energy created can be intense, no children under the age of 16.
These Sound Baths are popular and have limited space. When you purchase your ticket, we are reserving your space, while I turn away others. Therefore, tickets are non-refundable. However, you can apply your purchase towards one of my services in Buckhead, within 30 days. Thank You.