Personal Readings

I was born with many “gifts of the spirit.” I had a strong psychic connection with my Father. I was always reading his mind when we played cards together. He would say “Denise your so perceptive, like my Mother.” The same goes with my youngest Brother. I would see a ghost standing at the end of my bed and my brother would ask me in the morning “Nisey, did you see a ghost last night?” I’d say “Yes, how did you know?” He’d say “I heard it coming.” I thought everyone could do this until I got older and
realized that was not the case. So I had to hide my abilities and keep them to myself. It was hard going to school knowing what the other students were thinking about me.

I have had many spiritual teachers along the way. When I moved
to Tucson, I found a Spiritualist Church “The Tamara Spiritual
Center” that was filled with Psychics and Healers. I attended both
classes and services 3 times a week for 7 years. I was trained to do
Psychic Fairs, Healings as well as becoming a Spiritual Teacher.

The Psychic Fairs had such intense energy. Even though I am Clairvoyant to see, I learned to use the Tarot, as a tool to help me focus. The Waite deck is the easiest to learn from. I now use the Voyager deck which uses symbols. Symbols are the way our subconscious mind speaks to us. We would have to stand before the Sunday Service and give 3 messages from spirit to the congregation. As I looked into the congregation, I would see a symbol over their heads. When giving readings, it’s all about intention. I call upon the highest and the holiest beings to help. Whoever you call upon will come.

WOW…AMAZING…ENLIGHTENING…INTUITIVE not Only describe the experience, but the interaction with Denise! This was my first Chakra Balancing and it wasn’t what I expected. It was insightful, accurate and left me literally SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!
How could a stranger know on point the major life altering ltragedy I just suffered and the fact that I had been sleeping very little in 30 days. The reading touched upon a journey that I had just begun and it confirmed I needed to stay on course.
I want to make this clear especially to non-believers Denise is talented and surely has a gift, because before the balancing and the reading she asked me no personal questions about my life or anything else. I will be going back in 3 months. ” Lee S

Spiritual Law states that you can’t read anyone without their permission. I honor this Law.

I’ve found that we’re all born with these abilities. Many
children are already turned on with their abilities. Then society
tells them no you can’t do that, and they start to shut down. So
many times, when we say “I knew it, I should have listened to my
gut feeling.” That’s all it is, paying attention, following the
synchronicities, and learning to trust the information given to
you. Your “Gifts of Spirit’ or intuition is like a muscle, if you
practice it will grow. I’ve known many people with no gifts, who practice with a deck of cards. They would tune into the card to see if it’s red or black. Then they would move onto the card numbers, as they created a correct pile and a wrong pile. I’ve learned to turn my abilities on and off like a light switch, only using it as needed. It’s too tiring to be ON all the time and no reason to be.

Personal Readings with Denise in person, Zoom, or by phone.

I use a combination of Clairvoyance and Tarot Cards for your
session by phone, zoom, or in person. I ask for my ego to step
aside so that Divine Spirit Guides and Angels can communicate
through me. I then ask my Guides to talk to my Client’s Guides, so
I can help the client for their highest good. I receive the
information as a symbol in my mind, a voice in my head, watching
a video playing in my 3rd eye, a thought or feeling that comes.

Many clients have come back to me at a later date, stating that my information was right on.

Personal Reading: Mystical Clairvoyance is a person born
with “Gifts of Spirit” bringing forth knowledge and wisdom from
previous lifetimes. This reading provides information from the past,
present, and future. You can ask any questions you like. If you chose the hour reading, I will also add the 12-month forecast, which can start any time of the year. I draw one card for each month of the year.

“Denise is incredible. Her sessions are so relaxing, powerful and she is always on point. I always leave recharged and feeling enlightened. Highly recommend!!!” Susan Catney


Considerable time and energy is invested in creating each unique experience. Your time is reserved especially for you. This means no one else can request that appointment time. I understand that sometimes things come up, that are out of your control. I will confirm your appointment 24 hours in advance. If you need to reschedule or cancel, I will need a 24 hour notice, so I can replace your time slot. You can reschedule your appointment one time. If you need to reschedule a 2nd time, you will have to repurchase your session. Appointments are subject to a 50% charge if canceled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.