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Vista Yoga

Ascension Breathwork Bootcamp Saturday October 15 Vista Yoga

I had recently done a successful retreat in the Blue Ridge mountains. Upon request, I have put together a one day workshop, to help you to raise your spiritual vibrations. Space is limited to 14 participants.

Early bird special $175. through 10/5/22

$199. 10/6 through 10/14/22

Fire Ceremony– To release that which no longer serves you. Setting an intention to what you do want to manifest.

Breathwork- Breathwork uses conscious circular breathing to unlock an altered state of consciousness. The accelerated breath clears emotional blocks and stagnant energy from the mind and body. Conscious circular breathwork increases the circulation of oxygen through the body. This activates different areas of the brain, to create new neural pathways for a deeper awareness and stronger sense of self. It releases unresolved emotions and trauma.

Catered Vegetarian Lunch Included or bring your own

Ascension Ceremony- This is truly a spiritual experience. You are having a conversation with your Higher Self, to manifest your desires. The first time I did this, I had asked for my part time holistic business to become fulltime. 2 months later, I was working it full time!

Soundbath- Both Denise & Alexa will end this transformative day with a Soundbath, to anchor in your intentions.

Alexa Shackelford is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator offering Conscious Circular Breathwork, evocative music and vibrational sound to heal unresolved emotional trauma and to bring you back to you. She has also studied Reiki for a deeper connection.

Denise Foster is a local Sound Therapist, performing in the Atlanta area. She’s a Reiki Master/Teacher, specializing in Chakra Balance Crystal Healing sessions that incorporate Sound Healing. Her healing energy is amplified through the bowls. Denise’s holistic practice has been offering sessions for over 24 years in Chakra Balancing, Reiki, EFT and Past Life Regressions. Denise loves to teach classes, certifying clients in Reiki, Crystal Bowl Workshops, Retreats and more.

Location: Vista Yoga 10-6
Vista Grove Center (In the back of the building drive through on the left).
2836 Lavista Rd Rear suite d, Decatur, GA 30033

For more info: please contact Denise at or call (877)957-7373

Newnan Sat Oct 22 Workshop: Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing

I heard my first crystal singing bowl over 20 years ago while attending the “Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.” I walked into a room filled with shelves of bowls in every color, size, and gemstone. The barefoot man from “Crystal Tones” looked like an angel. He was all dressed in white with long blonde curly hair. He said, “I have a bowl for you.” While he played the solar plexus bowl, I could feel my solar plexus vibrating and opening up. I ordered my first chakra set of crystal bowls.

After moving to Atlanta, I started teaching classes and performing crystal bowl sound baths for my clients as well as using them during my Chakra Balance Healing sessions.

Slipping out of beta consciousness and into an alpha meditative state was easy to do while I play. My healing energy is being sent out of my hands along with the sound as I perform. Over the years, it has evolved into Sound baths in salt caves, yoga studios, and art galleries. I have had several students that have begun their own Sound baths after taking this course. Other Students have incorporated the bowls in their healing work. This will be one of the most fun hands on workshop you’ve done.

This is an awesome event at the lovely “House of Light” in Newnan.


Singing Bowl Sound Healing Workshop Includes:

  • History of the Bowls
  • Clearing/Intention/Protection
  • Playing the Crystal Bowls and mallets
  • Sacred Sound Instruments
  • Bowl Bells technique
  • Adding Sound Therapy to your Healing practice
  • Chakras & the Bowls
  • Chakra chant meditation with the Singing Bowls
  • Om/Homsa symbols and use
  • Creating a Crystal grid
  • Blessing of the bowls
  • Presentation concert
  • Mala gift
  • Manual & certificate $200.

You do not need a set of bowls to take this class, you can use mine. However, if you have a set, please bring them to be blessed.

LOCATION: The House of Light
29 Jackson St., Newnan GA

Monday Oct 17 “Reiki Level 2” towards certification Buckhead

This is the 2nd level of becoming a Reiki Master! Prerequisite is Reiki 1. This class will provide you with valuable tools to use each day of your life.

Reiki II Workshop includes the following:

*Sacred Reiki symbols & how to use them
*Intro to the Violet Flame
*Sound Healing Reiki meditation with the crystal singing bowls
*Long Distant Healing Technique
*Diving deeper into the Chakra System
*Japanese Reiki
*Technique’s for Spirit release & cutting cords
*Reiki Practice session individual & group
*Reiki II manual

$225. Space is limited, your deposit will reserve your place in class.

Please sign up below or through my website by 10/14/22.

Please send $100. Deposit to secure your space:


I can be reached at (877)957-7373 or .

Roswell: Sun October 2 Past Life Regression Sound Bath 2pm

This is an awesome event at the beautiful Wellness Center “The Well of Roswell.” We all have lived thousands of lifetimes. Sometimes we have portals that are open from our past that can bring in positive traits, such as myself being a Healer. Or sometimes they can be negative traits such as fear of heights or flying.

During a recent Past Life Regression, my client found that he was working in construction, building the pyramids in Egypt. I found I was always buying Tibetian holy artifacts. When I would pick them up, my hands would vibrate. I walked up to a prayer wheel one day, and without knowing the Sanskrit language, I started chanting. No one taught me to play the singing bowls, I just played them intuitively. When I went through my Past Life Training, I discovered during my regression that I was a Tibetian Monk in my previous lifetime.

Past Life Regression Sound Bath with Denise Foster | thewellofroswell

Please note, due to limited seating, this is a PREPAID event. Your payment will reserve your space. Please arrive at 1:45pm. $39.
We will start with a discussion about reincarnation. Then you will be led into a Past Life regression followed by a Sound Bath.

Denise is a local Sound Therapist, performing in the Atlanta area. She’s a Reiki Master/Teacher specializing in Chakra Balance Crystal Healing sessions that incorporate Sound Healing. Her healing energy is amplified while playing the bowls, allowing her to clear the space for a truly transcendent experience. Denise was certified to to lead Past Life Regressions in Tucson, Az. Private sessions are available that will lead you into multiple Past live’s.

Location: “The Well of Roswell” 900 Old Roswell Lakes Parkway, Ste 300. Roswell, GA.

Please note: We will begin at 2 pm. Once the Regression is started, no one will be able to come in late, so please arrive on time. Due to limited space, there are no refunds. You can use your credit towards one of Denise’s services within 30 days at
(770) 778-2051

Newnan Sat Oct 22 Singing Bowl Immersion Sound Bath 6:30pm

How about a day trip, to a beautiful town of Victorian homes, nestled in downtown Newnan. I’m excited to do a sound bath here in this beautiful 1920’s home/business the “House of Light.”

SOUND = Frequency/Vibration.

Reserve your space here:

Please join us for a beautiful sound journey of a Singing Bowl Immersion, to bring you peace, balance and relaxation. We have limited seating of 15 Pre-Paid spaces with Sound Healing that has the ability to reset our nervous system, bringing clarity and balance. Denise Foster brings a beautiful, relaxing, meditative, musical journey of integrated Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Bowls, rain stick, chimes and more.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please note, due to limited seating, this is a PREPAID event. Your ticket purchase will reserve your space. Participants are to bring their own yoga mat, blanket, and pillow. Couch space is also available. Please arrive at 6:15 PM. You will receive an email confirmation from Freshtix after your ticket purchase is completed. Walk Ins are welcome as space permits.

Denise is a local Sound Therapist, performing in the Atlanta area. She’s a Reiki Master/Teacher, specializing in Chakra Balance Crystal Healing sessions that incorporate Sound Healing. Her healing energy is amplified through the bowls.

“House of Light.” It’s an Energy Wellness Center, focused on helping people to find true healing. They offer a broad array of modalities with holistic practitioners, including Lucia Light Therapy, Bio-Energy Wellness, Quantum Sound Therapy, Personal Readings and more. Enjoy shopping, lunch, book a session, then get recharged and aligned with a sound bath.

Location for GPS:
House of Light 29 Jackson St Newnan, GA 30263
Phone: (470) 414-6711 Email:

Due to limited seating, tickets are non-refundable. However, you can apply your credit towards one of Denise’s services in Atlanta, within 30 days.