Past Life Regression

I experienced my first Past Life Regression with my spiritual teacher Jessica while attending her psychic development class. I went into it rather quickly, as she led me into a Regression in front of a group of 20 people. She asked me what country I was in and I saw in my mind’s eye Mexico. Walk to where you live, and it was a church. I saw that my youngest brother was my son in this lifetime.  I don’t speak Spanish in this lifetime. However, I can understand it when Spanish people speak. We travel through our lifetimes with our spiritual family as we exchange roles and support each other.

Years later I met David from one of the metaphysical churches in
Tucson, that also provided PLR. I found that I had started to collect Tibetan holy artifacts such as prayer wheels and prayer boxes. When I would pick them up, my hands would vibrate. I walked up to a prayer wheel one day, and without knowing the Sanskrit language, I started chanting. No one taught me to play the singing bowls, I just played them intuitively. During my Regression, I saw that I was a Tibetan monk in my last lifetime. So, I took David’s classes on how to give Past Life Regressions.

Do you experience De Je Vue, you felt like you’ve been
there before when it’s your first time? In most cases, it’s a
memory from our past. Our soul is eternal, once we pass from this
physical body, our soul is alive and well in another dimension of
consciousness. We all have lived thousands of lifetimes. With each
new body, our soul is growing and learning lessons to ascend to
higher consciousness, so we don’t have to reincarnate any longer.

Sometimes we have portals that are open from our past that can
bring in positive traits, such as me being a Healer. Or sometimes they can be negative traits such as fear of heights or flying. During a recent Past Life Regression, my client found that he was working in construction, building the pyramids in Egypt. I kept telling another client, that I felt strong Fairy energy with her. During the Regression, she was a fairy, whose job was to protect the plants and animals in the forest. Another woman felt a baby kicking during her regression. Another man was running for his life to the forest as his town was being burned down. Yet another woman was just a membrane in heaven holding space for thousands of years.

The process: The Regression starts off with lavender oil. I lead
you into a series of relaxation techniques, light hypnosis, and
breathwork to calm the mind and bring you out of the beta monkey
mind and into an alpha dream-like meditative state. With an
intention of retrieving information from the past life that will
guide you in your current lifetime, we then go on a journey. The
Akashic Records is the etheric library of everyone’s previous lives.
I will navigate you through multiple lifetimes, to bring forth
information you need today, for your highest good or to resolve
issues carried forth from the past. We all have karma to be worked
out in our lifetimes, which is the sum of all of our actions. A major
blueprint will be outlined for us, such as when we will be born, when we will get married, have children ect. Everything in between is according to our free will. We can accumulate a good karmic bank account or a difficult one. Our goal is to break karmic patterns, so we don’t have to reincarnate again.

“I also provide group Regressions followed by a sound bath. Please
see under current classes and events for information.

Past life Regression Certification Online

This is an awesome class to provide you with an additional offering for your existing Holistic Business or if your ready to start one. This Online class is about 5 hours. You will learn how to provide Regressions to your Clients. You will be led into a Regression so you know how to give one. A detailed manual and certificate will be mailed to you. By appointment. Click on the book now button.

“It was amazing! Denise is a great person! She is so kind and gentle. I really enjoyed the Chakra Balancing Healing session with her. Denise know what’s she talks about about and made it all about me. I will recommend her! Thank you so much!!!” Julia


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