Chakra Balance Crystal Healing Session

A Restored Energy Flow

“I’ve made several appointments with Denise over the years for chakra balancing. The crystal bowl singing relaxes me and I  feel balanced at the end of the chakra balancing session. I would highly recommend Denise.” Eric F. Cumming, GA

Chakra means “wheel” and is an energy system in the subtle body,
with each of the 7 main Chakras resonating to different colors, sounds, crystals, gemstones, symbols, emotions, and organs in the body. Stress, environment, other people’s energy, and emotions can block our chakras and put us out of balance. By developing a spiritual practice of 30 minutes a day of meditation, chanting, yoga, or Tai Chi, you can keep your chakras aligned.

Chakra Balancing is my forte. I can’t believe it’s been over 20
years since I’ve become a Holistic Healer. It all started with my
Reiki training. One day I was at the magnificent “Tucson Gem
Show.” I started to see different gemstones and crystals that
were in different shapes and colors for each of the chakras. So I
started adding them to my Healing sessions.

Then I studied
essential oils and added both lavender and frankincense. I took a
tuning fork workshop and bought a chakra set, that balances each
chakra to its own unique frequency. Upon hearing the crystal
singing bowls, I could feel them in my body, so I added a chakra
set of bowls as well. Over the years, as I placed my hands on the
chakras, I could intuitively here block emotions and issues that
were stuck there. I have combined all of these modalities, to give
you a one of a kind Healing session. The session ends with an
intuitive consultation to help to guide you on your life’s journey.

“It was a very great experience!! I loved it!! I felt like a new person. Denise was very professional and she was super sweet!! Everyone needs to get them a chakra balancing session done, its a great experience, you won’t be disappointed!! Thanks alot Denise I will be back.” Audrey Johnson

Chakra Balancing has been found to:

  • Reduce stress/anxiety
  • Open & clear the chakras
  • Increased energy & clarity
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Dissolve blocked energy patterns/triggers
  • Supports cancer care
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Balance the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies

“Denise is absolutely amazing, her energy is very healing. I have felt amazing since our session. I highly recommend going. Her services are also very affordable!” Portia Stricklin


Considerable time and energy is invested in creating each unique experience. Your time is reserved especially for you. This means no one else can request that appointment time. I understand that sometimes things come up, that are out of your control. I will confirm your appointment 24 hours in advance. If you need to reschedule or cancel, I will need a 24 hour notice, so I can replace your time slot. You can reschedule your appointment one time. If you need to reschedule a 2nd time, you will have to repurchase your session. Appointments are subject to a 50% charge if canceled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. 

I have lots of options for you to choose from a single Chakra Balance Session or combine it with other offerings. Please click on the Book Now button for options.

GIFT CERTIFICATE: You choose a Chakra balance, Reiki with Tuning Forks, EFT or Personal Reading $85.

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Transition Package: 3 Chakra Balance Sessions $225 save $30.

Restoration Package: 3 Chakra Balance Sessions & 3  Crystal Light Therapy $439 save $71.

Transformation Package: 4 Chakra Balance Sessions, 1  Reading, 2 EFT Sessions $529 save $66.

“My experience with Denise was very divinely aligned. I purchased the chakra balance healing session via her website, Denise contacted me by email within a day to schedule my session. We then communicated through texts as I confirmed the date and time that best fit our schedules. On the day of my healing session she texted me with instructions on where to park and how to gain access to the building. My actual healing session was amazing. Her space has great energy and was very comfortable. She balanced my chakra using crystals and sound bowls. Most importantly her energy throughout the session was warm and welcoming. Finally she completed the session with recommendations that touched me to the point of tears. I definitely recommend Denise as a spiritual healer and guide, she was amazing!” Moon Wellness